Do you return my original videotapes and movies reels?
Absolutely.  Your tapes and movies are returned to you in the same condition as when you send them.
Is DVD better than VHS tape?
DVD is totally digital and has more than twice the video quality of VHS. Its audio is even better than an audio CD. Plus it will not wear out with repeated use, and when stored properly can last more than 100 years.
How long does it take to transfer my movies and videotapes?
Turnaround time is usually 5-7 business days, but may increase during certain times of the year.
Do you do the work yourselves or do you farm it out?
We do all work right here on premises, so you’re assured of the finest quality transfers and care of your precious originals.
Will you transfer my movies in a specific order?
All you need to do is number each reel in the order you want us to transfer them using an indelible marker.  Be sure all the regular 8 and super 8 movies are together.  In almost all cases, 8mm will pre- date super 8.  Each movie reel will have its own icon on the menu of the DVD.  About 1,200 feet of film can fit on one DVD.  Each videocassette will be transferred to its own separate DVD.  If writing on the tape is legible, it will be printed directly on the face of the DVD.
What if my movies won’t fit on one DVD?
For movie film, you are not charged by the number of DVDs, only by the number of reels of movie film. For video, a small portion of video tapes have more than 2 hours of video on them (remember VHS had EP and LP modes?). Tapes over 2 hours in length will incur an extra charge and will be billed as an additional tape for each two hours of video or part thereof. So, if a has more than 2 hours of video, the footage will be transferred to multiple discs.
Can I order more than one copy of the DVD?
Absolutely. You may order as many copies as you like at the same time as you order your transfer. If you decide to make more copies at a later time, simply return the master DVD(s) to us for duplication.
Can you put more than one videotape on a DVD?
No. We do not watch the videos, so we don’t know when they end.  Therefore, each videotape will be transferred to its own DVD.
One of my videos is broken.  Can you fix it?
We can fix most problems with videocassettes from the tape pulling off the end of the reel, to broken tape or broken cassette housings.  Please contact us for repair prices.
Where do I send my videos?
Your certificate will have complete ordering and shipping instructions. Please be sure to ship via a traceable carrier such as UPS or Fed Ex. We will ship your order back to you for a flat rate of $9.95 including signature required on delivery for your protection.
What are Chapters?
Chapters are bookmarks on your DVD. While the DVD is playing, you can jump to the next chapter with a press of a button. Chapters are encoded every 5 minutes on videotape transfers, and each reel of movie film has its own icon to make it easy to find what you’re looking for on the DVD.
How can I be sure the DVD will play in my DVD player?
Your transfer DVDs will play in almost any DVD player made since 2001. They will also play in any computer with a DVD or Blu- Ray drive and DVD playback software.
Will you edit my movies/videos?
The prices shown on our web site are for transfer of your movies without editing. Videotapes are transferred exactly as on the original.  We will transfer any movie film that has motion on it, regardless of content.  Areas of totally clear or black film of more than 10 seconds will be trimmed.
What is your policy concerning copyrighted material (movies, concerts, etc.)?
We will not knowingly copy copyrighted material. Please do not submit videos which you do not have the right to copy.  Copyrighted materials will be returned to the sender at sender’s expense.  If you’re not sure, please contact us. We will not transfer any videotape that has copyguard encoded on it under any circumstances.
Can I send both regular 8mm and super 8 and even multiple kinds of videotapes in one order?
Yes. For film, we will transfer all the regular 8mm in the order you provide followed by all the super 8.  Please be sure all the 8mm reels are numbered together, followed by all the super 8 reels.  8mm film has larger sprocket holes than super 8, making it easy to identify.  We do not switch back and forth between formats. You may mix and match formats of videotape.  However, please do not send both film and videotapes in the same order.  They are processed separately.
Are my original movies safe?
We have never lost or damaged a client’s original movies. However, things can happen.  We only ship via trackable carriers for maximum reliability, and suggest you do the same if you are shipping your video to us.
Is the content of my videos private?
We respect the privacy of your videos. We take the utmost care to be sure your tape is secure and kept confidential and will only release videos in cases of court order.
Do you transfer to Blu-Ray?
No. Since home video formats are standard definition, transferring to Blu-Ray would yield no increase in quality, just an increase in expense.
Do you transfer European format tapes (PAL & SECAM) to the American system (NTSC)?
This is called “standards conversion”.  We do offer this service from VHS tapes only.  However, it is not available through this offer.  Please contact our customer service department at 1-954-581-0026.