Movie Film to DVD Transfer

SAVE UP TO 50% on transferring your movie film to DVD!

Your memories are fading away.  Most movie film is at least 40 years old, and some of it is more than 70 years old.

Despite its age, most movie film has held up very well over the years and we have no problems transferring the vast majority of film to DVD.

We transfer 8mm, super 8 (silent or sound) and 16mm (silent or optical sound).  We use telecines for our movie film transfer, not projectors.  These are professional units designed specifically for transfer of film to video.  They use low wattage bulbs that cannot burn your film. We do not project the film, but rather shoot an image of the film itself for the best possible transfer images.  No flicker, no vignetting.

Now you can save up to 50% on conversion of your movie film to DVD.  This is the same great deal we have offered on Living Social, Groupon and other deal sites! You get $50 worth of movie film nsferred to DVD for only $19.99 +P&H.

To make ordering easy, we charge by the reel, not by the foot.  Simply measure the diameter of the film on each reel (edge to edge) and round up to the nearest inch.

3” reel $9.95
4” reel: $17.95
5” reel: $34.95
6” reel: $49.95
7” reel: $64.95

For larger 16mm film reels, please call us for pricing.

If you have more than 10 reels of film, please contact us for additional quantity discounts. There is a limit of one offer per person/family/household.  You may purchase one offer for video and one for film if you like, but they must be purchased separately. Simply click the “BUY NOW” button below and use the totally secure Paypal service to pay for your certificate. You will receive your voucher(s) by e-mail along with complete ordering instructions.

Preserve your family history now and save money in the process. Purchase your certificate for $50 worth of movie film transfer to DVD for $19.99 ($50 value) now.