Video to DVD Transfer

 Your memories are fading away.  Did you know that VHS and other home video formats will begin to deteriorate after only 7 years?  Just imagine the memories that are forgotten… locked up on those tapes that you can’t even play! After all, most people don’t have VHS players anymore.

We specialize in converting all formats of home video to DVD:  VHS, 8mm, Hi- 8, Digital8, Betamax and Mini-DV.

You can preserve your memories by having them transferred to digital DVDs which can last 100 years if handled properly.  And once converted to digital, the videos can easily be updated to any format that might eventually replace DVDs.

Now you can save up to 60% on conversion of your videos and movies to DVD.  This is the same great deal we have offered on Living Social, Groupon and other deal sites! You get 3 videocassettes transferred to DVD ($60 value) for only $19.99 +P&H.

And for a limited time, any additional videos are 40% off – regularly $20 each, now only $11.95!  You can transfer all those tapes and save a bundle – 40%.

Tapes can be VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Video8, Hi-8, Digital8, Betamax or Mini- DV, American television system only.  Each tape is transferred onto its own DVD and each DVD can hold up to 2 hours.

There is a limit of one offer per person/family/household.  You may purchase one offer for video and one for film if you like, but they must be purchased separately. Simply click the “BUY NOW” button below and use the totally secure Paypal service to pay for your certificate. You will receive your voucher(s) by e-mail along with complete ordering instructions.

Preserve your family history now and save money in the process. Purchase your certificate for 3 videocassettes for $19.99 ($60 value) now.